Christmas Books

Innkeeper Cover ImageIn The Innkeeper’s Daughter we meet Leila, whose father welcomes a young couple to take shelter in his stable, since there is no room for them in his inn. Later that night, something extraordinary happens in that small stable. Leila, her family, her friend Samuel, and people everywhere will never be the same again.

Also included in this edition is The Innkeeper’s Daughters Play. With this script, perform the story of the innkeeper and his daughters as they make room in their stable for a young couple named Mary and Joseph on the night of Jesus Christ’s birth.


Thumbnail book coverIn The Birds’ Christmas Carol, discover how ten-year-old Carol Bird and her family are able to bring joy to the Ruggleses, their neighbors, even as deep sadness is falling on their own home. This first book by Kate Douglas Wiggin, author of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, is a Christmas story with timeless appeal and is a popular family read-aloud choice.