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Elementary Geo Cover ImageElementary Geography was originally written by educator Charlotte Mason in the 1880s, yet this beloved book for elementary-aged students still garners attention today. Blue Sky Daisies brings you the same classic book, completely re-typeset in a pleasing and fresh format.

Miss Mason’s conversational tone teaches children about their world, from its place in the solar system to their place in its lands. Elementary Geography also includes over a dozen poetry selections throughout the book, chosen by Miss Mason to complement the chapter topics.

Discover the planets and Earth’s continents, the changing seasons, latitude and longitude, map-making, topographical features such as mountains and valleys, rivers and straits, and more.
Home Geo Cover ImageHome Geography for Primary Grades, originally published in 1894, teaches children the timeless geography of the world around them. In charming and conversational prose, C. C. Long teaches the fundamentals of geography.

  • Navigation, directions, and the compass
  • Hills, mountains, and valleys
  • The water cycle, weather, rivers and streams
  • Maps and forms of land and water
  • Flora and fauna
  • Resources found in the earth
  • People living and working

Throughout the book, teachers will find helpful writing assignments meant to help students narrate back the ideas they learned in the chapter. Oral exercises give discussion prompts.

This book can be read aloud and discussed together, or assigned to independent readers followed by discussion.

Elementary Geography and Home Geography for Primary Grades are available at (Elementary Geography here and Home Geography here) and Exodus Books (Elementary Geography here and Home Geography here).

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