The Mother Tongue Books

IMG_3507-1-2 - Version 3Blue Sky Daisies brings back the classic Mother Tongue Book II by George Kittredge and Sarah Arnold in a fresh format just right for modern students, with workbooks and answer keys.



The Mother Tongue Book II was first published over one hundred years ago, but the vintage grammar text from George Kittredge and Sarah Arnold has a faithful following, even today. The original text is all here, but with a fresh look designed to bring this classic to a new generation of students. New features will aid students in their study of intermediate and advanced grammar concepts. Margin boxes emphasize key points. Notes from the editors explain outmoded terms to modern students.

The Mother Tongue: Adapted for Modern Students is suited for classroom, homeschool, or self- study settings. It is also an excellent grammar reference book. Get your copy of The Mother Tongue: Adapted for Modern Students here.

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All of the student exercises in The Mother Tongue: Adapted for Modern Students are now available in workbook form. Kittredge and Arnold’s grammar book includes student exercises with sentences and language from real literature and writings of the time period. With opportunities to compose sentences, analyze all the parts of sentences, parse words, and practice punctuation and capitalization rules, these exercises are an important part of reinforcing the instruction found in The Mother Tongue. Now busy students are able to work these exercises directly on the page. The exercises are divided into two books, 1 and 2. Workbook 1 is now available. Workbook 2 is coming soon. Get your copy of Workbook 1 here and Workbook 2 here.

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The Mother Tongue Student Workbook 2 Answer Key


The Mother Tongue Student Workbook 1 Answer Key and Workbook 2 Answer Key are now available!

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Mother Tongue Student Workbook 2 Answer Key


11 thoughts on “The Mother Tongue Books

  1. Kristin, the textbook and the workbooks are sold separately, not as a bundle. The main text and Workbook 1 are available right now (click the link to purchase on Amazon) and the answer key and second workbook will be releasing soon.

    1. ChristyH,
      The practice exercises are all included in the textbook, however the student would need to complete his or her work on notebook paper or on a white board if you opt not to use a workbook. To make it easier for students, the workbook has the practice exercises formatted so that students can write directly on the page. This is particularly helpful for analyzing sentences. In the workbook, students simply mark the sentence as they are instructed to do.

      The answer key for workbook 1 should be available by the end of the month. Almost done with it!

    1. We are hard at work on the key, which is partly why we aren’t posting much here! We slipped from our September 1 target, but are in the checking-stage at the moment, hoping to send it to the printer within the next seven days. We want to be sure that it is as accurate as possible. (There is not an answer key, even out of print, for Mother Tongue, so we are writing it.)

      While you are waiting on the key, if you need an answer for something that you are stumped by, contact us and we’ll help.

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